SMiiLE is an experimental pop band based in Austin, TX and born out of a shooting star.

The band is fronted by singer, guitarist and producer Jake Miles. Annie Long and Mary Bryce fortify the outfit with stunning vocal harmonies, and provide a spectacle at live shows with matching alien-esque attire and singular dance moves. Other members include Harrison Anderson on the bass and Greg Clifford on the drums.

“Sunny Dissonance, avant garde pop, and playful instrumentation inform SMiiLE’s warm sincerity,” says The Austin Chronicle.

Instrumentally, SMiiLE is notably polyrhythmic and complex, but with a pop influenced buoyancy that satiates. After the release of their 2016 full length EP, "Like A Diamond In The Rough, You Shine," SMiiLE spent the following year working on an entirely new set of songs and uniting their local following. The band announced their east coast tour -- following the release of their new music video single “Longer” -- in October 2017. 

Plans for a second album are in the oven.  In the meantime, audiences are invited to colorful and adventurous, pop magic experiences.  

Current Members include:
Jake Miles
Mary Bryce
Annie Long

Harrison Anderson
Greg Clifford